What Clients Can do to help their Case

So, you received your bill and you have noticed that your money in trust is slowly being used up.  What can you do?  To save expenses, when your attorney or the staff requests information or documents from you, getting this to them as quickly as possible saves them having to contact you again for the same thing.  Every time the attorney or her staff calls you, writes to you or emails you, you are billed.  Many of our clients have provided binders or folders with their financial information, such as credit card statements, bank statements, and pension statements to us when they complete the initial Client Questionnaire, which becomes a real timesaver when it comes to completing documents on the client’s behalf.

  1. moishky1 says:

    I like this blog
    we live in London trying to find ways to fight an unjust disinheritance and undue influence in California cant afford a big law firm

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