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Language added to an Illinois law this month includes virtual visitation among the rights of noncustodial parents, making it enforceable by a judge. According to the measure, parents are entitled to electronic visits unless the court believes that contact would be harmful to the child. This is the first I have personally heard of the language being written into visitation orders. While many parents use texting to stay in touch with their children, I wonder how many parents thought of meeting with their children virtually.

As someone who is very enthusiastic about the virtual world and how it can bring people together in meetings quickly, this idea is very intriguing to me.

How many parents do you know who are virtually visiting their non-custodial children on a regular basis? How many parents, you or others you know, text their children to stay in touch? If you don’t text with your children, have you considered it as a way to stay involved in your child’s life?

If you could have virtual visitation written into your visitation order, would you? I am curious to know how many think this is a great idea and a great way to stay involved in their children’s lives when they are no longer living with their children. I would love to hear from anyone about their virtual visitation, good or bad. I think other parents would love to hear about it as well. For more on this story, click on the link below.

Virtual visitation: Divorced parents use computers to connect with children –

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