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I came across an article written by Rosalind Sedacca, CCT., in which she states that divorce filings rise every January.    I am not sure where she gets her statistical information, but she also claims that divorce filings are even higher this January.  Since we are only in day 9 of the month, I question the accuracy of her statement.  Never the less, she does reiterate a point I have made several times over the time I have been blogging about the children involved in divorce.  Her statement is as follows:

Put yourself in your child’s place and feel the insecurity, fear, anxiety, guilt and shame that your child may be experiencing. Make decisions based on how he or she is going to look back and remember these next several years.

  • Did you put their physical, emotional and psychological needs first?
  • Did you respect the fact that children innately love both parents and are wounded when one of them is disparaged, regardless of your personal perspective about it?
  • Did you force your child to be a spy or go-between, taking on responsibilities that children should not bear?
  • Did you ask your child to choose between loving Mom or Dad, or take sides in any way?
  • Did you keep their other parent from active participation in their life because you wanted to hurt your spouse?

The above can not be said enough as far as I am concerned.  Let’s all do our best this year to remember this and if you haven’t been doing this, why don’t you start?  Your children will benefit the most for it.

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