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This is the kind of behavior that just pisses me off to no end. Who decided that this was appropriate at Harps? Unbelievable! Words just fail me at the moment!!!!!

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This is outrageous!

Harps – a grocery store chain in Arkansas – appears to have censored last week’s Us Weekly Magazine cover featuring Elton John and David Furnish’s new baby.

I’ve made numerous calls to the chains PR rep – who so far refuses to comment on the chain’s ridiculous behavior.

What I’ve been told is the company has received 50 calls this morning alone – and now the PR director is only accepting voice mails.

I also spoke to an individual inside the actual Arkansas Harps’ store – who did confirm that the cover was at one point covered – which confirms the actual above picture is real.

Want to express your outrage?  Call 870-425-6556.

Us Weekly Elton John Cover Censored by Harps!

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