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High wind on the coast  --  Mendocino coast #1

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It’s not often that you hear about the internet services down for hundreds of people because of a divorce, but that is exactly what is happening on the Mendocino Coast when Esplanade internet service dropped from the airwaves last month, its 300 microwave-based wireless customers between Elk and Gualala were left scrambling to find a connection.

Seems Esplanade is run by founders Marshall Sayegh and Teri Saya — who changed her name following their split and each blame the other.  Sayegh says Saya made the system inaccessible while Saya says Sayegh blocked access to web sites.  In either case, the system can no longer be accessed by customers.  Each has accused the other of various criminal acts, from burglary to domain theft, and have obtained restraining orders.

I am sure that the former customers of Espanade could care less who took the internet down, as they are hard pressed to find another service along the coastline.  There is hope though, as a new company is moving into the area and setting up new equipment, but it looks like it might take awhile to get service as they are booked through mid-April for new customers.

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