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The “Let’s Move” campaign, nearly a year in the making, is Mrs. Obama’s official debut in a high-profile policy role, and she has already lined up an array of partners in government, medicine, science, business, education and athletics who are pledging to work together to get children off their couches and consuming fresher, healthier food.

Mrs. Obama and child athletes

Professional athletes from 12 leagues, including football and baseball, have volunteered to promote the message of “60 Minutes of Play a Day” through public service announcements; media companies including the Walt Disney Company and NBC have pledged to broadcast them.

It is a fact that our children are getting heavier and having more health issues. Childhood obesity has tripled over the past 3 decades. Obesity is blamed for heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and even asthma. We as parents, and even grandparents, can help them lead more active lives. As Mrs. Obama said, “our children didn’t get this way by themselves.” “Our kids didn’t choose to make food products with tons of fat and sugar and supersize portions, and then to have those foods marketed to them wherever they turn.”

To kick off the campaign, President Obama signed an executive order to mandate what he called “optimal coordination” between federal agencies and departments, among them the Departments of Agriculture, Education, Labor and Health and Human Services, in support of the initiative.

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