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Here is a great article written by Barbara Graham regarding being a grandparent and the boundaries (laws as she calls them) that you should follow.  As a grandmother, I have to admit I have been known to be a bit bossy and protective of my grandchildren.  Even though they range in age from 16 years to 6 years, I am still learning when to put my two cents in, lol.

via The 7 Laws of Being a Grandparent.

While on holiday in St George Island, Florida, 71 year old Marianne Bordt drowned her Grandson in the bath. Her motive being that she was frustrated that her grandson was being brought up in a broken home.

The Grandmother from Nufringen in Germany has been charged with murder. After Camden parents’ marriage had ended in 2006, David & Karen Hiers shared guardianship but Camden lived mainly in Atlanta with his mother.

Lawyer, Thomas Salata, said. “I don’t think anybody ever knows that a grandparent could be capable of something like this,” said Mr Salata. “David Hiers is extremely distraught and overwhelmed with grief over this incident.”

When I heard this story today on the news, I couldn’t believe that it was true and had to research it before reporting it here.  From what I can gather, the parents of the little boy had an amicable divorce and had been divorced for quite some time.  There is speculation that there is more going on here than is known yet.

What is even more bizarre is that after the grandmother drowned the little boy, the grandfather came back to the home from the store and instead of trying to save the boy, ran to a nearby fire/rescue station for help.  While doing this, the grandmother tried to drown herself in the ocean.

It’s hard to believe that a grandparent could do this and for the reasons she allegedly told the police.