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I reported in January of this year, an order from an Illinois judge who ordered that the children be available via the internet for visitation with Father because of the distance.

In New York this week, a judge ordered in Baker v. Baker that Mother, at her own cost and expense, will see to it, prior to re-location, that the Respondent, as well as the children, are provided the appropriate internet access via a Skype device which allows a real time broadcast of communications between the Respondent and his children.  Not sure if this means Mother must pay for a computer for Father to have access to Skype or not.

In this case, Mother was relocating to Florida with the children from New York and the judge could find no alternative to her moving but this.  Mother is moving in with her parents to look for work and has been unable to support the children in New York.  Father is suffering from bladder cancer and is a recovering alcoholic, I am gathering from this information that Father is unable to support the children either in New York.  Father had opposed the move but was happy about the Skype order.

Times are changing people, they really are!

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Linda Bollea, 50, was pictured celebrating American Independence Day in Florida on her yacht ‘Alimoney.’

Linda Bollea, ex Mrs. Hulk Hogan

The ship’s name was perhaps a misspelled joke and may refer to the reported  ‘outstanding settlement’ Linda received following her divorce from the wrestling star last year.

Hogan (real name Terry Bollea) and Linda, who appeared with Brooke and 19-year-old son Nick on reality show Hogan Knows Best, divorced last summer after 23 years of marriage. They split in 2007.

While I normally don’t put this type of an article on my blog, it does show that there is life after divorce.  Of course, it probably helps if you get a multi-million dollar settlement!
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