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For those of us that want our children to grow up without chemicals, please check out Million Baby Crawl. Seventh Generation is all about going green in our homes and saving our children and our planet.

They also have some useful information for gift wrapping that is also green and planet conscious.  A partial list is below.  For more useful information for the holidays, check out Seventh Generation’s holiday post here.


  • If gifts come wrapped in foam peanuts, bubble wrap, air-pouches, and other packing materials, reuse them for the gifts you will give.
  • For a biodegradable packing alternative, pop an oil-free batch of unprocessed popping corn in a hot air popper!
  • Tear recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes into strips. Roll each tightly and place them under and around items to be shipped. Let them unroll slightly after placement to cushion your goodies.
  • Create gift wrap from outdated maps, comic pages, newspapers, wallpaper scraps, shopping bags, or any other oversized papers you have on hand. If that paper is blank, you can decorate it with your own holiday motifs.
  • Wrap gifts in other gifts like towels, bandanas, baskets, or tote bags. Or make your own reusable bags out of fabric.
  • Avoid foil gift wraps, which can be almost impossible for your recipients to recycle.
  • Skip the ribbons and bows, and trim your gifts with natural accents like evergreen tips, or holly sprigs, pine cones, raffia, ornamental grasses, and other biodegradable objects d’art.