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As previously reported, Charlie Sheen was arrested for domestic violence on Christmas Day.  One of the two felonies for which Charlie Sheen was arrested is felony menacing — a threat involving a deadly weapon.  Law enforcement sources say Mueller told cops Charlie was in possession of a knife and threatened her with it.

As was first reported, Mueller has recanted much of her story … so her credibility has clearly come into serious question. In addition, as was also first reported, Mueller was legally drunk with a .13 blood alcohol level.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ when cops arrived on scene they observed marks on Mueller’s body, but they do not know if the marks were related to any scuffle with Sheen.

It was also reported that Charlie Sheen was not drinking that night.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out for all involved.

Charlie Sheen arrested in domestic dispute, police say –

Not much is being released about this arrest, although the news reported today that the dispute may not have been between Mr. Sheen and his current wife.  It is sad that domestic violence continues to occur and especially sad that it occurred on Christmas Day.  We will watch and see how this story plays out.  For more information, see the link below.

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