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Once thought of as pillars of monogamy in the animal kingdom, it appears the flame of love can burn out for swans as well. For the first time in 40 years, after following some 4 thousand swans at a reserve in the UK, researchers discovered one formerly blissful pair had called it quits. The bonds of instinct-driven matrimony were apparently not enough to keep the literal lovebirds together. While the split may not make headlines in the tabloids, it has stumped researchers who observed the swan drama–and it all plays out like some sort of avian soap opera.

Well, it was only a matter of time before divorce hit the animal kingdom. Sad, very sad.
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I ran across an article in the New York Times today about divorce is higher for women diagnosed with brain tumors than men diagnosed with brain tumors. Dr. Chamberlain, chief of the neuro-oncology division at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center notice that his male patients were typically receiving much-needed support from their wives. But a number of his female patients were going it alone, ending up separated or divorced after receiving a brain tumor diagnosis.

The results of a study he participated in were surprising. Women in the study who were told they had a serious illness were seven times as likely to become separated or divorced as men with similar health problems, according to the report published in the journal Cancer.

For the complete article in the New York Times, see the link below.

Divorce Risk Higher When Wife Gets Sick – Well Blog –

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