Divorce Candy – Register Your Divorce!

Posted: September 1, 2010 in family law
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I Want a Divorce
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I came across an interesting website and thought I would share it with all of you, Divorce Candy.

Randi and Jen have created this website for anyone who’s considering divorce, dealing with divorce, or knows someone who is.  They’ve packed their site with articles (updated at least twice a week!), advice, support, communities and more to help you start over, stay positive, and move forward.

They have articles to explore their Concierge Services, designed to help you with everything from taking back your life, having a divorce party, or changing your look! They have expert forums to participate in You’ve Got People to discuss current topics, issues, and trends with their experts and other users.  And yes, they even have a Divorce Registry where you can register to let your friends and family know what you need to start over!  Or as they put it, “Your wife took the tool box. Your husband took the crystal. Now what do you do? Register!”

This is a whole new way of looking at divorce, a new beginning instead of an ending.  Check it out, you may find it as interesting and useful as many others have!

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