Francisco Rodriguez Hits Father-in-Law and Is Possibly Out for Season

Posted: August 16, 2010 in family law
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While I don’t ordinarily talk about sports related issues, this one caught my eye because of the assault caused by the Mets’ pitcher, Francisco Rodriguez. Rodriguez has agreed to anger-management counseling, and may have to undergo surgery on his thumb for the injury he sustained to his thumb when hitting his father-in-law in the head repeatedly.

The frightening thing about this incident is that it occurred outside the family room at Citi Field, where the children of other players and their wifes observed this assault.

I don’t know about you, but the increasing domestic violence in sports is becoming almost a daily occurrence. These are people that children and young adults look up to, one can only wonder what these kids think when they hear about these kinds of incidents.

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The Mets’ 2010 season continued its downward spiral Monday with the disclosure that closer Francisco Rodriguez tore a ligament in his right thumb last week during an altercation with the father of his common-law wife.

The incident took place last Wednesday night at Citi Field and led to misdemeanor assault charges against Rodriguez, a ton of bad publicity for the Mets, an agreement by Rodriguez to enter anger-management counseling and, now, in all likelihood, surgery that would probably end his season.

Rodriguez was examined at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan and a magnetic resonance imaging exam disclosed the ligament tear. The Mets have recommended surgery but it was not immediately clear if Rodriguez might seek a second opinion.

As for the Mets, they have several options, the most severe of which would be an attempt to void the remainder of Rodriguez’s contract, which runs through 2011, with an option year for 2012.

A more realistic option would be for the Mets to refuse to pay any salary to Rodriguez while he remains sidelined with his injury. An official in Major League Baseball who is aware of the Mets’ intentions said the team would definitely attempt to take that step, citing standard contract language that refers to injures incurred through negligent behavior away from the field.

Nevertheless, the injury adds to the sense that another Mets season has deteriorated into disarray. The altercation last Wednesday night took place just outside the Citi Field family room, where the wives and children of some of Rodriguez’s teammates had gathered at the end of the game.

.That created additional dismay for the Mets, who then had to endure scenes of a handcuffed Rodriguez being led into a Queens court the next day.



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