Happy Father’s Day to All Fathers

Posted: June 19, 2010 in family law
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Did you know that Father’s Day was only officially made a national holiday in the U.S. in 1972, when President Richard Nixon declared it to be the third Sunday of June? But the holiday actually traces its origins to early 20th-century Washington State.

Inspired by a Mother’s Day sermon she heard at church in 1909, Spokane resident Sonora Smart-Dodd—one of six children being raised by a single dad—also wanted to honor her father and she encouraged local churches to institute the first Father’s Day observance the following year, and the idea caught on.

Did you know that Fathers are celebrated in other countries as well but in different months?  Russia celebrates Fathers in February, Bolivia, Honduras, Italy, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Portugal and Spain celebrate in March.  Romania and South Korea celebrate in May.

This year, retail groups expect gift givers to spend an average of $94.32 on Father’s Day in 2010. For moms this year, shoppers shelled out an average of $126.90.

How will you be spending Father’s Day?  Are you lucky enough to have your father close by? Or does your father live to far away?  For me, my father has been gone since 1978, and while I miss him, I am lucky to have a wonderful step-father who I can call and wish a Happy Father’s Day.  I wish he lived closer, he lives in Oregon and I reside in California, so I could take him to a Giants game, (his favorite team).  But for now, a phone call will have to do and next time he is in California, hopefully the Giants will be playing and we can head to the city for a fun day.  To all fathers, Happy Father’s Day!

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