Baby Starves to Death While Parents Raise Virtual Child

Posted: March 8, 2010 in family law
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A South Korean couple have been arrested for starving their baby to death. The couple, the father is 41 and the mother is 25, allegedly neglected their three-month-old daughter, who was born premature. It was also reported that both parents lost their jobs about the same time their daughter was born prematurely which may have led to the obvious depression these parents may have been suffering from.

Once a day, between 12-hour stretches at a neighborhood Internet cafe, they fed their baby. Instead of nurturing their own daughter, they became obsessed with raising a virtual child in the popular role-playing game called Prius Online. The couple were arrested in Suwon, a suburb of Seoul, 5 months after reporting the death of their baby. The baby’s autopsy showed that she’d died due to a long period of malnutrition.

There has been an increase in South Korea of Internet addiction and compulsive gaming leading to serious consequences and even death in the last few years. This increase has led to South Korea setting up an internet addiction camp, established in 2007.

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