Kettleman City CA Birth Defects

Posted: February 10, 2010 in family law
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Last week, officials from the Environmental Protection Agency toured the landfill and visited with families of the children with birth defects in Kettleman City. That action came less than a week after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered the State Department of Public Health and California’s Environmental Protection Agency to look into what he called “an abnormal percentage of birth defects” occurring there.

The town, a collection of single-level ranch houses and rough streets, is bordered by electric transmission wires and the California Aqueduct, which is sealed off from town residents by a barbed-wire, chain-link fence.

Emmanuel in Kettleman City

Emmanuel, was born during the 15-month period when other children suffered defects. He had a cleft nose and upper lip at birth. He was also missing a portion of the left side of his brain, and his eyes were very wide-set. Surgery has corrected the facial clefts, with only a trace of a scar.

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