No matter what you thought of Michael Jackson, it is very apparent that he was loved by his family, especially his children.  The speech that his daughter Paris gave at the end of the memorial will forever be remembered and referred to.  She spoke from her heart and it was apparent she loved her father.  We should all remember that these children only care how they felt about their father, they don’t need to hear negative things about him, nor should they.

Michael left a will which specifically spelled out who he wanted caring for his children in the event of his death.  We all need to remember that in California, it is always “what is in the best interest of the children.”  Some may think that Katherine Jackson is to old to be raising her grandchildren, after all, she is 79.  Michael certainly felt she was more than capable, and in the event she was not living or unable to care for them when he passed, he listed an alternate person, Dianna Ross, to care for his children.  He purposely left the biological mother, Debbie Rowe, out of the equation.  Ms. Rowe herself has said she has limited ties with the two oldest children, Prince Joseph and Katherine Paris.  She rarely sees them, rarely talks to them and is not involved in their daily lives at all.  She has given up her parental rights, which as we all found out, the Court said she couldn’t do and reinstated her parental rights in 2006.  However, since that time, Ms. Rowe has continued to have limited contact with the children, her own accounts corroborate this.

Recently, we heard that the custody hearing was postponed again to July 20, 2009 to allow the parties, Ms. Jackson and Ms. Rowe to try to amicably reach an agreement about the custody of these children.  In my opinion, I don’t see a Court giving Ms. Rowe custody of the two oldest children and splitting them up from their youngest sibling, Prince Michael.  That, in my opinion, and many others opinion as well, would not be in the best interest of the children.

I also don’t see the Court giving Ms. Rowe all three children as she has no relationship with them and taking them from a family they are so close to, and a grandmother who they adore, would not be in their best interest.  There is also the fact that Ms. Rowe is not the mother of the youngest child, and clearly, in my opinion, the Court could not put the child in her custody. While it is important for children to have contact with both parents, this has never been the case with Ms. Rowe.  For whatever reason, she has chosen to stay out of their lives.  I believe that the children may want to have some type of contact with her at some point in their lives and that door should be left open for them.  They should not be forced to have contact though because their father has died.

Today I heard that Joe Jackson is stepping into the custody ring and wants to jointly raise the children with his estranged wife, Katherine Jackson.  I seriously doubt that this would happen either, (even though recent information has been leaked  that Michael and his father mended their disagreements about the childhood drama), as Mr. Jackson and his wife have lived apart for years and he resides in another state, Nevada.

I believe this is going to be a tough case to resolve, whether it goes to Court or not.  What we all need to remember is that it is about the children and what is best for them.  It is not about what we think of Michael, Ms. Rowe, Ms. Jackson or Mr. Jackson.  It is about who will be the best person(s) to care for these children, what is in the “best interest of these children,” whether it is with Katherine Jackson, Debbie Rowe, Joe Jackson, Dianna Ross or another family member and we all need to remember that and remember that these children have been through enough with losing their father and having their world turned upside down.

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