The saga continues.  The California Supreme Court has ruled on the sanctions of $64,500 ordered by the Santa Clara County Trial Court.  Not only were these sanctions upheld, but the Wife, Kathey Fyke is ordered to pay Husband, Richard S. Falcone the total amount of $833,025.72 in fees, costs and sanctions under Family Code Section 271, 1101(g), 2102, 2103, 2104, 2105, 721 and 2032, Local Rules of Court 4D, 5L, 5N and 6E(4), and as in In re Marriage of Feldman (2007) 153 Cal.App.4th 1470, these fees are to be paid from Wife’s portion of the remaining funds from the sale of the parties’ Saratoga property that are being held in a special trust account at Wells Fargo Bank.

Wow, need we say more?!  I am sure that Wife will appeal this ruling as she has appealed every other ruling in this case.  However, she should be careful with this route, as it is the one that got her these sanctions in the first place.  This should be a lesson to all in family law, the Court’s are not happy with excessive and unwarranted motions and appeals.  I will keep you posted on this one.

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